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HP spol. s r.o.
Považany 460
916 26 Považany
Email: hp-plasty@hp-plasty.sk
Tel.: 00 421 32 777 15 11
Fax: 00 421 32 777 15 13

Company profile

  Our company HP spol. s r.o. were founded in 1992 with plan to produce different plastic parts using the technology of injection moulding.
  Presently our company produce wide range of plastic products not only for slovak market, but also for export to the Czech republic, Poland, Austria, Germany, Italy and France.
  One of the most important parts of our production is packaging industry. We produce buckets with lids in different sizes from 0,1 L t 12 L. All this buckets are suitable for packaging of food and also various types of technical products. Also very important is our production of different technical parts for using in automotive industry, chemical industry, engineering, agriculture, etc.
  Our target is to provide all our customers complete service beginning with the mould construction and building to production of final products.
  Because of the quality is very important for us, we decided to implement in 2005 the system of quality control known as ISO 9001:2000.
   This year our company celebrate the 20-th anniversary. Through this time our company went through some important changes. As the result of these changes were complete innovation of the machine park and all technology not only in main production, but also in our tool shop. As the final point of our modernisation were the moving to the new plant, finnished in 2006.
  The most important target of our company is to improve the quality of our products and complex service for our customers. Also very important for us is to provide our emploies all necessery work conditions, health care and all other things which will full their requirements. Together we can reach our goals and prosperity of all company.
  In November 2011 were our company awarded by the Ministry of economy of Slovak republic and Ministry of employment of Slovak republic for responsible bussines and outstanding addition for economy and employment in Slovak republic.


  To utilize the wisdom and skilfulness of our operators and technicians and their implementation into the production and during development of new solutions and procedures in the plastics die-casting as well, and so to keep the pace with our competitors and to be a reliable, stable and flexible partner for our clients.


  To provede comprehensive solutions ranging from case mould design, throught it´s manufacture till to stamping pressing either in the technical stampings or packaging products area. 


  Our objectives is to produce products, which provide bigger convenience, functionality and product manufacture quality to our clients. From this reason we ceaselessly invent into new products, machinery and technologies development.