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Welcome to HP spol. s r.o. (Ltd.)

We are a family business with an operation in the village of Považany, which has been focusing on the injection and molding of plastic products since 1992. During this time, we have had many opportunities to innovate, grow, and bring new people to our corporate family. We pride ourselves on quality products, excellent customer support, and affordability.

It has been some time since our beginnings and it sounds like an eternity when we listen to the first stories of the management, then small entrepreneurs who built a company from a garage. Today, we have been a reliable choice for our customers for many years, but our humble beginnings still keep us down to earth.

Production and something about it

The know-how gained through experience can be seen in the quality of the product.

The main part of the production consists of the production of plastic packaging - buckets and jars with lids in the volume of 0.1 to 12 liters, which are used for packaging of foods and technical products.
Another part of the production consists of the production of various technical parts for use in the automotive industry, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, construction and agriculture.

Our aim is to provide customers with comprehensive services from mold design, mold production to the actual parts pressing.

Because we place great emphasis on product quality, we introduced a quality management system according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard in 2005.

What makes our products better?

Innovative technologies

With several years of market experience, we know that technological progress is essential for our growth. That is why our products are created with the latest technologies.

Ecological sustainability

We create our products with the thought of maximal ecological care. We actively take part in and support the development of bio-degradable plastics and support our production with solar energy.

Qualified management

Our managers and leading personnel have been industry experts for many years. Their loyal work creates an effective corporate culture.

Industry expertise

28 years of experience in our industry are reflected in every single product. We bring quality execution of our work to our clients all the time.

Business partners

We have a stable and established infrastructure of long-term clients who put their trust in us again and again. Find out why you should join them.

Distinguished and award-winning company

Our company has earned several awards over the years as well as a distinction for a prominent exporter and reliable business-making by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak republic.

28 years of experience

In HP spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) we know how to do it. In turn you know you can depend on us.

We are proud of our success to date, but thanks to the long-term trust of our customers and honest business, we can still move forward. The daily deployment of the HP spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) team and the love for our work allows us to develop a wide range of clients. Come and see for yourself.

Company mission
  1. To bring our clients exceptional quality, fast delivery times and affordable products and thus continue to spread our reputation as a reliable supplier
  2. Engage in the development of environmentally sustainable plastic products, process plastic waste and support research into biodegradable plastic productss
  3. To support the economy of the region and the country. With this step, we know that we also contribute to the development of our homeland, and we have a higher goal that gives even more purpose to our work.
  4. Provide stable and well-valued jobs in a pleasant working atmosphere. We know that our team as a whole is as strong as its weakest link and that is why we provide our employees with various benefits and opportunities.
Recognitions and awards

Products of HP spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) have been exported to more than 25 countries around the world. Join the list of our clients too.

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