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The team of HP spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) puts its technical knowledge, experience and practice into the production of our products. Thanks to this knowledge and commitment, we are one of the most efficient companies in our region, where we cover the production and supply of a wide range of plastic products. To this day, our commitment to continuous improvement has given us the opportunity to operate steadily.

In HP spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) we are aware that our main contribution are our employees, and that as a company we must provide them with a rewarding working environment. We provide the opportunity, motivation and growth to fulfill their full potential. Mutual respect between employees and management in the workplace is the basis for our success.

Long-term operation of HP spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) enabled us to build and train a team of professionals who are experts in their relative departments. We are interested in people with experience in the fields of engineering and injection molding machines.

We are looking for solutions for our clients to meet their expectations and goals. We know that lasting relationships are the basis of our business and that is why we have a special approach to both our customers and our staff, to whom we build space for career growth and personal training.

Products of HP spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) maintain a culture of constant improvement and perfection. An in-house experienced design team guarantees us quality and affordable solutions in the field of production, communication, and project coordination. Thanks to their experience, we pride ourselves on timely deliveries of orders.

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