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Vacuum forming

Vacuum forming

As the name suggests - vacuum forming - is a technology where the material on the mold is formed using a vacuum (vacuum). The base material thus "copies" the shape of the mold after heating - which has the shape of the final product.

This technology is rather suitable for smaller series (in the order of max. Hundreds of pieces), while the advantage is lower costs for the production of the mold compared to conventional pressing. On the contrary, the disadvantage is the higher price of the final product due to the higher time required of the entire production process.

The maximum dimensions of the processed material are 600x600mm up to a material thickness of 4mm.

The most common material we process is HPS (tough polystyrene) in thicknesses of 1-4 mm. The basic colors are white, gray and black. We also process PC material (polycarbonate) up to a thickness of 1.5 mm

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